The Top 5 Music Genres Favored By The World

Any music band is classified into a specific type, such as the rock, the blues or the pop etc., which actually denotes the music genre they adopt or perform. That is, the pop, the blues etc. are nothing but the music genres, each characterized by specific style, form, and protocols. These genres are further classified into several sub-genres and therefore, the list seems endless. See more info on

Why is music genre needed?

Music, in itself, is a beautiful form of art and surely, most of them love listening to any music, irrespective of the genre type it belongs to. If so, then why does the genre exists? What is the need for it? The genres are really important from an artists’ perspective because he/she can create that music style, which could be favored by the audiences so that the necessary musical connection exists between the artist and the audiences. For example, although music, in general, is favored by all, the style of music preferred by the younger generations differ widely with respect to the older generations, in where, the majority of the former ones, love listening to the fast-beat, peppy song varieties and the latter ones, prefer soft, melodious song varieties, most of the times.


The popular 5 music genresThis, therefore, makes the work of the artist much easier and depending upon the audiences, he/she could adapt to the genre favored by them thus, making it merrier for both the sides. Also, classifying music under a specific genre, allows the musicians to experiment further on the subject in a deep manner, paving the way to newer combinations. Now, that you have understood the need for the music genre, let us discuss the popular genre types favored by the worlds' population.


The RockThe 'Rock and Roll' music genre was popularized by the singer named Elvis Persley, whose sexy dancing moves and spectacular renditions instantly attracted the teens of America, much to the wary of their parents. Soon this music genre was accepted all over the world and the adaptations of the same along with the combinations of the blues, the jazz, the R&B and importantly including the fast melody, paved way for this 'Rock' music genre, around the 1960s. Since this music genre is a combination of many other popular genres along with the strong presence of melody, this singular musical combination attracted the world greatly and remained for long the favorite genre of most of the population.

  1. The Blues

The blues music genre is an adaptation of the various songs sung originally by the African-Americans, who were traded into America in the name of slavery.


All their songs relating to the praise of labor, religion, and folk were adapted and combined with the Western music genre to produce this genre type that we call ‘the blues’ today.

Since these songs were originally sung by the people who were made slaves naturally, it has that melancholy tune in it and therefore, is sung with emotive lyrics mostly accompanied with the lighter instrument types.

  1. The Jazz

The jazz music genre is the beautiful combination of the African-American and the Western music types, glorifying the heritages and the traditions of America. Like blues, it has the strong American origin but differs greatly from it, in where the former one is characterized by the melancholic tune and the latter one is characterized by syncopated rhythm.

One of the most favored music genre of the current generations because it is basically a fun form of music that mostly glorifies love, emotions and is strongly favorable for dancing.

It is no wonder that anything related to love and dancing, being the hot favorite of the current generation and therefore, this music genre has captivated the younger hearts so greatly and deeply.


Although the pop genre seems to be the combinations of the number of other music genres like the Latin, rock, hip hop etc. it has the unique combination of the beats, the melody, backed by simple lyrics and fun music, which could make anyone sold out to it easily.


Developed in the 1970s, by the African-American teens and the Latino teens of the New York City, is the unique combination of rock beats and the spoken words poetry, which has attracted the teens all over the world. Many albums introduced based on this genre were greatly successful, as it is so youthful and rhythmic. The hip hop genre is favored for promoting social causes, advertising a brand and the likes because it is quite catchy and could instantly attract the target audiences.