1. Why Us

Your musical dreams can be realized only by paying a petty fee, in exchange for which you could receive the popularity, the royalty, and the growth. We have different schemes based on your music creation type like the single, or the album etc. and comes with attractive deals for the first single year.

Outstanding service

You can approach us anytime with your queries and concerns, no matter how simple or silly and we will always listen and respond, all the time. Your satisfaction is our utmost consideration and would leave no stone unturned to offer that.

Greater reach

We have tie-ups with greater establishments, which only mean greater and newer opportunities for you that could instantly boost your business and enhance your fame all over the world.

Innovative features

You can track your album’s or song’s popularity state-wise through the tracking feature of our innovative app and get to know the audiences’ responses to it. You can also receive the trending reports and much more that can make your music-selling experience so pleasant and problem-free.